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01-04-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
I have run many drafts and have seen the spread between 1st and 4th place be razor thin: one more voting GM could have reversed the standings; that was the draft that in a close division MXD's team came in 3rd and Sturm's San Francisco Spiders finished 1st and went on to win the playoffs back in ATD10, six all-time drafts ago.
Having collected votes for three ATDs and a few MLDs, I can tell you that this is extremely rare, and you know that.

And if it's really that close, why shouldn't some "intangible" factor affect matters in a small way? That happens in real life. You often bemoan the predictability of the drafts and the higher seeds winning even though real life has epic upsets up a regular basis.

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