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Originally Posted by UvBnDatsyuked View Post
I'm not sure why anyone pm'ed you based on your post because it had no substance. The only reason you gave for saying he wasn't going to make it was because of his size and you are blaming others for saying he will make it because of size. The others are just stating that your lone negative input of size does not make a good evaluation of NHL potential.

And not sure I follow your thinking on him looking or built like a 10 year old. I'm not thinking this will sink in for you but a scout would rather see a young player dominating who is built and looks 4 or 5 years younger than a player who is dominating but appears to be a grown man already.
It isn't just his size. Calgary plays an aggressive style, their forecheck is why they have been dominating the Oil for the past few years.

His success in the NHL depends on his use on the PP, and how Hartley will coach the team. Under the Sutter regime he would have been out of place.

Yes Calgary desperately needs more high end skill in the top 6. But at the same time, with Iginla eventually on the way out. They risk losing their edge.

He is very much a top 6 or bust player. I never doubted the kids skill. It is whether he can transition into the NHL.

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