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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Yes, I saw your post in the 2012 draft steals thread, on the main board, listing Hutton. Have you watched him many games? How does he look out there?

Also, info on Myron and Beattie would be appreciated. I remember seeing something a while back on NHL equivalencies and that Beattie favoured well. Could have been something related to possession metrics, not sure.
Hutton: Watched one, listened to a handful. Played with Brice O'Connor when i watched (but has been paired with Mike Cornell at other times) and was used in all situations (1st PP+2nd PK). Smooth skater, good positioning, has good poise with the puck, can rush the puck at times, but also a good first pass. His shot isn't the strongest, but he gets them through. In the game i saw, he didn't throw any big hits. But when i listened to some, the commentator's made him sound very physical with some open ice hits. In any case, he is what i'd consider the new mold of Dmen prospects we have... smart, smooth skating, poised, two-way D.

If he were on one of the powerhouse/top teams (which Maine was last season), he'd be generating a ton more interest.

EDIT: Listened to the game tonight. Sounded like he was on the 2nd PP tonight. Commentators said he had a nice stick check stopping a chance against. Had a few keep ins on the PP and was on the ice for the final minute protecting the 2-1 lead.

Wes Myron is supposedly playing well, but i've only read GDTs for BU games. He has been used mainly as 3C. He is playing aggressively and a gritty game, they say. While their coach praises the 3rd line for the hard work on every shift, he did say he expects more of the 3rd line offensively and named Myron. From posters, he gets and generates a lot of chances, but lacks finish. I think one said they'd be a rich man if they got a dollar for each chance Myron nearly missed.

He has had a glut of rotating wingers, but he has remained consistently their 3C. However, big change tonight. He's been moved to the 1st line LW. I think its to fill a injury to Wade Megan. Good on him though! They could have chosen Kurker who is a natural winger, but they chose Myron instead.

Matt Beattie: I've seen 3 games and he's been scratched ever since. Reason is unknown.

I like the skills he has. He moves well for a big guy, has some nice hands in close, seems to read the game well actually (in the sense that he doesn't look lost out there), and has a penchant for an aggressive forecheck and physical game. In the games i watched, it looked like he almost tried to throw a hit every shift. But i really liked his work ethic on the ice, went hard after pucks and rarely took a shift off. But offensively, he left something to be desired. He was mainly used on the 3rd line LW, made some nice passing plays. In the 3rd game he was used on the PP, but did not generate much there. Looked okay, but would like to see a bit more here. Rarely shoots.

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