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01-04-2013, 06:01 PM
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I said something similar to Cherry and people bashed me. The fact is the CHL is the best junior development League(s) in the world. Sure non Canadians play in their native countries until they're 16 but then get scouted and drafted to one of the three leagues. This only helps their development as they play with and against better players, get coached and coached against by better coaches and have better trainers. There is a reason most kids entering the NHL come from the CHL. The competition level is so immense that only the best can survive and thrive. I am all for non Canadians playing in the CHL as it makes for a better overall product to the game of hockey. But you can't deny that a lot of non Canadians are better players as a result of playing in a better league.

It is just like Canadians who go and play NCAA basketball (maybe football too?). Like future NBA 1st overall pick Andrew Wiggins. He was born in Toronto and is simply too good to be playing in Canada. He went to high school in the states to play against better competition and he is the most recruited player for the NCAA schools. He is going to be a better player by playing in the states. He will play with and against better players, be coached and coached against by better coaches and be trained by better trainers.

Long story short may the best person win. Think of it from the other side of the fence.. "they stole all of our good people". Canada is a great country because we take the best of other countries and put them into our culture. It would suck if the best Canadians went elsewhere with their talents (some already do in other fields). But with hockey the best stay here!

Good luck America, may this be your last gold medal


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