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01-04-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Getting rid of veterans of the quality of Plekanec and Gionta is not necessarily good for the team. Yes, it allows us to start a complete rebuild, but all we are getting are picks, and not all picks pan out. Heck, we would be happy if most of the picks would end up at Plekanec and Gionta's level! I know getting draft picks is sexy, but it does not mean instant success, especially if the picks don't pan out. I have no problem trading Plekanec for picks and prospects, depending upon which picks and prospects we get. I can even see trading Gionta for the right deal. However, I don't see how we have enough trade value to end up with 4 1st round picks in this draft. Gionta is coming off an injury year, has a high salary considering the cap is probably going to drop to 60 million, and is getting older. As such, we might get an offer of a 2nd and a decent prospect, but a late 1st, without him playing a game to prove he has recovered, is unlikely. Plekanec is the only real trading piece we have that can get us a 1st. So, at best, we walk away with 2 firsts. The one for Plekanec would probably be in the mid to late part of the 1st, anyway. I just do not see us getting 4 1st rounders in this draft. We do not have the players to get that value unless you want us to drop some of our core guys, which would be wrong.

Your rebuild is based in pure fantasy, not reality.
I don't know which is more pure fantasy. The one where were close to being a contender now or the rebuild. I personnally like at least a mini rebuild. If we trade a few assets for picks and prospects and then sign a few free agents to replace the traded assets wouldn't we be farther ahead.

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