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Originally Posted by CanadienShark View Post
I may be entirely off base. But it seems as though Montreal is basing their team similar to Boston in a couple of ways. Sorry but I'm don't have time to post line ups, but compare types of players that Bergevin has been acquiring and it sort of seems similar if you compare the "amount" of talent they have, as well as acquiring similar types of players. Carey Price for example is our elite goalie, as was Tim Thomas for Boston, Plekanec is like Bergeron (NOT AT ALL in terms of talent, just what they provide for the team). Again, I may be way off base, so be nice. XD
Tim Thomas was an AHLer when Price was drafted by the Habs. Patrice Bergeron was drafted by the Bruins the same year Plekanec made the NHL with the Habs. I'm 100% certain the acquisition of those players by the Habs have nothing to do with Boston, historically the Habs are the ones that had strong goaltending comparatively to Boston, besides.

I would say your ''theory'' holds little to no factual ground or you chose your examples poorly

And since when is having an elite goaltender or a two way forward an exclusive Bruins trademark strategy? Oh and what player has Bergevin acquired? The only key ones are Galchenyuk, Collberg and other 2012 draftees, none of which would be ''typical Bruins selections'' or whatever that is. Other acquisition such as Prust were depth moves and typical of your average MTL 3rd/4th liner (jack of all trade tough but not extremely intimidating energy forwards. Prust is the new, better, Kostopoulos or Begin and is there to complement Moen)

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