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01-04-2013, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by SCBruCrew4 View Post
You forgot about Ovechkin getting a curve from Bauer now. Oh these silly companies using players to sell products.
All Bauer curves have a player name, but they also have a code, and that code stays constant even when they use a new player name to promote the stick. For example, when you buy a Bauer stick, on the shaft you'll see "P92 Backstrom" or "P08 Ovechkin." Even if they change the player name in the future, it's still easy to know which curve is which because the code will be the same (for example, in the future we might see the "P92 MacKinnon" or something like that, but we'll know it's still a P92).

In contrast, Easton just displays the player name, without the code, i.e. simply "Sakic," "Iginla," "Zetterberg," etc. When they change the player associated with the curve for marketing reasons, it's confusing because there's no . As Jarick mentioned, for example, the Modano became the Forsberg, then the Zetterberg, then Cammalleri. But it's extra confusing because there used to be ANOTHER Easton Cammalleri, which was a completely different curve (Shanny clone), and now Warrior have a Zetterberg curve of their own, also a completely different curve (P88 clone). If they simply displayed a code beside the name like Bauer does, we could easily refer to a "PM9", not a Modano/Forsberg/Zetterberg/Cammalleri.

By the way Easton are constantly referring to their new curve as the "E28," it seems that they've caught on, and will also be going with a code system from now on.

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