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01-04-2013, 07:20 PM
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PW Insider: We don't have it all...however check out this passage from Topshelf's Facebook page.

TS: ...At first I thought Angle coming in was a great idea. Even though it was a covert mission bringing him in, and the execs went over Bossman's head, it seemed like it would be great for business. The botched spot at the house show was not even a big deal to me, in terms of thinking whether or not he (Angle) may have done it purposely. That stuff happens, plus I thought he may have been really pumped because he was still really new to the company and he was trying to look good.

Then, he goes and blames Price for it out of the blue. What a mess that was. Totally uncalled for IMO. If there is one thing I cannot stand (aside from calling people out and getting beat down-yes, Jussi, that means you) is people who cannot take ownership or blame for a mistake they clearly made. You are not going to make any friends acting that way here Kurt. This isn't WWE, this isn't TNA...we all look out for one another and can admit when we are wrong.

Either get with the culture here or get the hell out.

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