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06-10-2006, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by All-Star
Not true... If you're willing to pay for it, Dell's WarrantyPartsDirect trumps HP's online service any day of the week.

The only beef I have with Dell is their refusal to recall their GX270 motherboards. They instead chose to play chicken with the warranty expiry date. It was a very low class move... The only way we've managed to change most of the boards is that as soon as we have a problem with that model, we order a board regardless of what went wrong: the hard drive died? Ordered a drive and a board, the monitor died? Ordered a monitor and a board...

HPs on the other hand are more likely to either come in DOA, or have some part die within a couple of months. Their warranty part shipping people have no clue what they are doing. I have to send back parts about 50% of the time because they don't pay enough attention to the problem descriptions. Put in the P/N, and the S/N for the broken part, and the machine it was bought for, and you'll receive the basic part for that machine: Regardless if the part's P/N resolves to a DVD burner, you're likely to receive a plain CD drive at least once before you manage to get them to send the right part... The list of issues I have with HP could go on and on...

Where a warranty issue with Dell consistently gets fixed within 24 hours, HP issues can sometimes take a week because of their shipping screw ups. That's a long time for a user to be without whatever it was that went wrong.

For servers on the other hand, we buy HPs because they tend to work more reliably... go figure.
This is all well and fine, but you and I deal with business support (at least from the sounds of it), the home support for HP and or Dell is comparable in that it's generally hit or miss.

In terms of the business support, I love Dell (at least their workstation support, who my helpdesk guys deal with most of the time) on the server/storage side HP buries them.

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