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Originally Posted by nexusrage21
I have asked this question once before, didn't really get a lot of help, but at the time it was a lot less urgent than it is now.

I have a size 15 1/2 to 16 shoe, and I am in need of new skates for inline hockey.

I currently have a pair of nike skates size 14 that I got 6 years ago, but they a. ) never really fit quite right, and b.) are now falling apart. So if I want to continue playing I need to find new skates.

Which leads me to my *PLEA* for help. Does anyone know anywhere that I could find either skates that might fit my feet, or somewhere that I could get custom sized skates done?

If not, does anyone know any skates that aren't specifically hockey skates that might be good for hockey, because I have noticed that I can usually find skates that aren't hockey skates in larger sizes.

Thanks again.
Theres a bunch on ebay it looks like. About a month ago I saw a pair of size 13 CCM Tacks that I was gonna buy just for the chassis. You could just look around for any skate on ebay for a size 13 and get the chassis you want someplace else.

I have 2 sets of frames that I won't be using, a pair of Labeda Hum'ers and a pair of Sure Grip H400's. I think the Sure Grips go for like 20 bucks at HockeyMonkey. But the Labedas came off of a pair of Tours I got, those are worth like $140 bucks alone.

Remember you could always get ice skates and switch em out.

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