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Originally Posted by iamjs View Post
I think most people would overlook Hogan joking if his ego wasn't what it was back in the Nitro days, the return to WWE, and even during his early tenure with TNA. You hear that he could or wants to be champion, and the first reaction is "Oh geez, not this **** again". He might put over new talent, but you don't think for a second if the writers brought up Hogan being in the ring again (just referencing his knee comment here, so work with me) that he wouldn't try to talk them into a title shot?
I read that quote in the context of the entire article it came from rather than just extracting that part of it and blowing it out of proportion so take from that what you will. My first reaction wasn't "oh geez, not this **** again", but rather "oh look, Hogan is in some Christmas wishlist interview thing and surprise surprise people take his answers and blow them out of proportion".

Hogan talks all sorts of nonsense, everyone should know this by now, unsurprisingly people will pick and choose which pieces of this they will choose to take seriously and unsurprisingly they will pick ones they can interpret badly so they can complain about him.

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