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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I disagree. I see Gary Bettman trying to make the small market teams viable. The Jets might not need his help at this very moment, but if times ever get tough we will be thankful that he got a true 50/50 split and contract restrictions.

I don't care if I come off totally pro owner, but the players have gotten too much for too long while too many of the guys who make this league actually exist lose money. If it's one or 2 unhealthy franchises, you can say its the owners or poor location. when a third or more are losing money you have to look at costs and when players are getting more than half it's easy to see what's wrong.

Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
I respect the opinions, sentiment, and actions of those who are done. Professional sports lock outs, strikes, and work stoppages are a slap in the face to the people who pay the bills. Collectively they are treating their customers like $&&@ and deserve whatever fait falls upon them.

However on a personal level Chipman said the last lockout that brought in the salary cap made it possible for our city to get a team back. This lockout, although ugly, is step 2 on a continuing path to ensure we can afford to have a team remain in Winnipeg long term and compete for the Stanley cup. The fight although grotesque is a nessesary evil for the City I love. TNSE stepped up and put their money on the line to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg. I am not only in for this year but I am in for as long as I live and can afford it. I am mad at the league and the players but I love our owners and the game. I look forward to growing old and making memories with my friends and family at the MTS centre.
Agree with second part.

I don't take any of this personally. It is a labour dispute, that personally effects me but it is not being done to me. I'm a union guy but I'm pro owner because the more owner friendly the agreement the better for the long term survival of the Jets. Besides the NHLPA makes a mockery of what unions originally fought for. I've been personally involved in bargaining a CBA a couple times and it is not much different then what is going on between the NHL and PA, just nobody outside the room usually gives a ****.

Now that I had my rant, damn right I'm going to the games. Can't wait.

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