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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I would have said the Habs' seem to be in one of the most comfortable situations for the new cap world. Compliance buyouts are obviously "in" now, and if the league is willing to go to 2 of them, we are laughing.

Obviously Gomez and Kaberle are the leading candidates at the moment. But play the season (/half-season). Player asset values will change. Not likely Gomez's, but maybe Kaberle's. Maybe somebody else on our roster. At any rate, we aren't looking at being stuck with any super-big super-long term contracts on underperformers anymore. I'd be more worried if my team had some questionable long-term mega deals to ponder the buyout implications for, like some other teams do.

Bonus cushion, $60M cap, two compliance buyouts, we would be very comfortable.
Maybe trade Plekanec instead...Galenchyuk be up next year for, Pacioretty be on his new deal by then and Subban will get big increase.

On buy out Markov? He is a piece of glass. Good player, but body is brittle. Players hardly hit him and he is gone for months.

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