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01-04-2013, 08:20 PM
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It'll get stuck with the NLRB even if they persue the DOI. The NLRB is going to have to make a decision, and they aren't going to want to. They were still deliberating six or seven or however many months after the NFLPA tried the DOI. The board will continue to put pressure on both sides the whole time to avoid making a ruling.
That's part of the reason the judge punted on the anti-trust issues and the lockout. It was still legally collective bargaining until the NLRB decides whether or not the negotiations were "in good faith" and whether the DOI was part of that process. Which is why the league filed the complaint with the NLRB about bad faith negotiating and the DOI talk the same day they lined up their judge for an eventual lockout ruling. The players might win antitrust cases eventually, but we're looking at least two years down the road from now. I don't think they have any intention of not signing a CBA between now and then. Which is why I also think the DOI is a farce. They chose the DOI precisely because they can quickly reform the union; they can't do that with a decertification.

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