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Originally Posted by Wisp View Post
It's not.
Get out of here with your logic and mathematics!

Seriously, the Booth thing has been done to death, and the statistics have shone through in his favour each and every time. Booth is statistically an above-average second liner, and is fairly paid for his contributions. As Wisp said, higher expectations are solely due to being spoiled as a Canucks fan. Not just in having a great deal of discounts around the roster, but also in having one of the better second-liners in the NHL in Ryan Kesler.

It's very frustrating to see the same opinions proven wrong statistically, namely that David Booth is a sub-standard second liner, and then parroted again in each thread as if the individual posters lose their memory from thread to thread. But I guess if I don't want to see that, I'd better get off the internet.

In the main board, the league roster thread just got updated. Canucker, Sopel, go look at that thread and find me 5 other rosters on which Booth would not instantly slot into one of the top two lines. It will be difficult, and that should clue you in to why people are shaking their heads at your opinion.

Is there a better option out there than David Booth for our second line? Absolutely. But to use that as a reason to buy him out, with no real prospects of acquiring a replacement, would be piss-poor asset management on Gillis's part.

Also, Canucker, I have to point out how stupid your comment of "Maybe thats the going rate these days but its overpaid IMO" was. The "going rate" is the only objective measure of whether a player is paid fairly or not, anything else is, by definition, a result of your personal bias. In this case, I think it's simply that you haven't come to terms with the rapid salary inflation that has occurred in recent years.

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