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Originally Posted by tbsol View Post
I'll still be going to as many games as possibly, if they figure this out this year...

There was an email going around to season ticket holders regarding protesting the lockout at the first game.
Obviously, people are not going to boycott the games completely and give up the cost of the tickets. Not going to happen.

Instead of not showing up at the games, they are asking people to just refrain from going to your seats for the first period of the first game back. Hang out in the concourse, have a drink, grab some food and talk with friends.
But DON’T go sit in your seats and cheer for the people that created this mess. I could see the players coming out the tunnel and looking around the lower bowl seeing lots of empty seats and thinking about the damage that has been done. Probably never going to happen, but interesting idea… I’d consider doing it.
I am a season ticket holder and will be attending games because I love the game and I enjoy watching it played at its highest level. Something I will take back for myself.

But saying that I would be absolutely all over something like this if it caught steam. I really can't see it happening the first period, but maybe the second.

Another thought which may be even more obvious is if everyone left their seats midway through the period and left for half a period. That would be in view of the players, maybe even the cameras.

It would only work if the fans "stood together in solidarity".

Empty seats for the players, empty seats for the cameras, yes they have our money, the players will get their share but it would at least serve as a reminder that we, the consumers, are what makes it all possible.

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