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Originally Posted by tailgunner View Post
it was so much easier to win the cup back then, in 1928 rangers played a 44 game season and only less than 8 wins was all that was required to win the cup....if this season is played, whoever wins the cup is well deserving of it

i think it is apples and oranges to compare the two era's.
back then 44 games was like a full season today, the ice stunk, the skates stunk.
the equipment barely provided any protection and goaltenders stopped pucks with their faces.
the goal posts were pipes stuck inside drilled holes in the ice and they did not move so when you slide into the post at a high rate you got seriously banged up.
the sport of hockey can be and always had its share of violence but back in the day it was pure brutality.
i read books about the old days where several guys would get carted off the ice on a stretcher on any given night with serious injuries.

there have been stories about teams going through multiple goaltenders in a game due to serious injuries.

today the guys are bigger faster and ten times healthier as well as have every advantage you can have and they are truly talented.
back in those days they were treated like cattle in a slaughterhouse on display for pure entertainment probably getting paid squat to do it.

it may have been shorter seasons but i think you would be stretching it saying they had it easy or it was easier back then.

there are plenty of good books and stories about how it was back then and it is all truth and fact and it is amazing what they had to do and deal with back then. and although the players work just as hard and deserve what they get today it really puts it into perspective in how lucky they are today and what fools the nhl and nhlpa look like.

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