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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
sandy, is there any particular reason why you feel it necessary to single out Columbus, disturbing & upsetting an entire fan base in espousing opinion that is only half formed, selective? Ignoring the realities of gross incompetence in the Executive & General Managers suites combined with a punitive lease & avaricious competitive facility who had agreed to non-compete's but breached their agreement further exacerbating the already tenuous & difficult position the franchise had found itself in?.

Over the past 12-24 months, they have managed to re-write their lease, addressed the issues, hired a new President in the highly respected John Davidson, have found their sea legs, wind returning to the sails. Ohio, despite its low production of actual players over the years has a history of hockey & support thereof that is easily on par with the best that Quebec, Ontario, BC, Michigan or anywhere else you'd care to throw at it in comparison.

Im stumped to understand why you would feel it necessary to continually rub Blue Jacket's fans and or simply the proud residents of the states noses in the past decade of failure as though they are somehow responsible for it, and "undeserving" of their place in the NHL. Its disingenuous. You really need to bone up on your history, and I would suggest you start with the Cleveland Indians, Barons & Falcons, Crusaders etc etc etc, then take a good hard look at what the Blue Jackets have had to suffer through right out of the box.
Im not saying they are underserving. Everyone thinks that phoenix is pretty much done, they will likely go somewhere, so take one of the common "good" markets off the board. There are still more markets than in my opinion are better right now and going forward than columbus. This is not a knock on columbus fans but my impression of the market. So the question is, do you deprive a yearning immenently stable market of a team to keep a team in a shaky market ? if so for how long ? 15 years ? 30 years ? 45 years ? Of the teams that could be moved I think that all of the indications are that it would be columbus, not because columbus is underserving but because of team valuations and the ease at which someone with demand and medium sized pockets could get them to leave.

I am also somewhat peeved that fans of the nontraditional markets refuse, outright refuse, to put any types of performance expectations on the team. They claim they are gonna get better, you ask when, they say sometime. You ask them how, they say "well team X did it". And I don't think that cross league comparisons are apt when the environments between the two are not at all similar.

Yes renegotiating the lease will help, yes getting davidson will likely help but I havent seen either of these two things yet. what I have seen is in my opinion a very poorly managed club that is struggling to keep pace economically. Mabey in a year or two I will be singing another tune but I'd like to actually see progress as opposed to the mere hope of progress. Ironically a lot of the good things they are doing might get wiped out by the lockout.

I also do not understand why people equate market with attendance. Market has many facets, including management. If you have crappy management a team can fold irrespective of demand ( see atlanta). the market is essentially defined by how much revenue can you extract that has many variables and irrespective of what those variables are, Columbus is struggling.

I dont say that I want Columbus to move. I'm not looking to upset columbus fans. I've said that I hope they dont move but I also said that if in the future there are good reasons to extract a team to a new market, then my position stands that Columbus is in the cross hairs. if they are in the same position at the end of the next CBA as they are now, those calls from other markets will not be able to be ignored.

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