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01-04-2013, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
The NHL doesn't have much credibility right now after all those supposed final offers and hills to die on that aren't as good as what's on the table right now... but at some point there just isn't enough time for a legitimate season.

I don't think that time is January 11, but Uncle Gary might disagree with me.
I don't think NHL has used the phrase "final offer" at any point. In a negotiation there are "best offers" and that doesn't mean it's a final offer. Just the best that they can offer at that point. Those change as negotiations drag on over months.

In a negotiation there is a certain amount of posturing. You claim you can't go any further even though you can. It's part of the game. Everything has to be viewed through that lens.

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