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01-04-2013, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
Oh yes these poor NHL players with their minimum salaries of $500,000 per. They might have a contract cap of only 5 years. What wretched conditions.

Seriously guys, what's worse, having to take 10% less and shorter contracts or ten teams folding due to the crippling financial burden they can't keep up with? you know how many guys would lose their jobs then? Are these players really this clueless? Yeah, i think some of the owners are slimebags as well, but there is no doubt player salaries have become extremely prohibitive.
If someone offered you a massive amount of money to play hockey, would you take it?

It's not the players' fault that salaries are "extremely prohibitive." (Though compared to baseball, that's laughable.) Why do the players have to save the owners from themselves?

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