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01-04-2013, 09:52 PM
I in the Eye
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Favourite Genre: Indie/Alternative, Jazz, 80's.
Favourite Band(s) or Artist(s): Smashing Pumpkins, Aimee Mann, David Bowie, Sarah McLachlan, Arcade Fire, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Bad Plus, Aphex Twin, Leonard Cohen, The Cinematic Orchestra, Mazzy Star, U2, Sting, Pearl Jam, Pavement, The Civil Wars, Nine Inch Nails, Norah Jones, Florence and the Machine, Jack White, Sleigh Bells, Dianna Krall, etc...
Favourite Songs: Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
Least Favourite Genre: Country
Least Appreciated Band or Artist(s): Michael Buble
Most Over-appreciated song: Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
A song that you like from and artist you don't like: Want U Back, Cher Lloyd

Instruments you play: Drums.
Musical Experience: 30+ years of drums.
Favourite Song you made: Ghost in My Genes ~ In my name is a ghost... Never drank, never smoked... I put my fingers in her, to untie the rope (that kept me grounded)... I fly above the street... Below my Mother's ashes they sweep... Across the doorway, into my Father's feet... It's just dirt, it's just time... It'll fly by... A man from the future came... A master of time and space... A new bird in the same old cage... He sat on a grassy mound... He took a cigarette out... He said "I've seen the world more clearly, since I burned my house down"... etc.

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