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Originally Posted by UvBnDatsyuked View Post
And not sure I follow your thinking on him looking or built like a 10 year old. I'm not thinking this will sink in for you but a scout would rather see a young player dominating who is built and looks 4 or 5 years younger than a player who is dominating but appears to be a grown man already.
Gaudreau is not magically going to change his build. Even if he does put on muscle, there is only so much you can do before its too much.

Originally Posted by tfong View Post
Why does everyone use Corey Locke as an example? I his name has been mentioned so much in this thread lol.

Problem with Locke was he was slow AND small.
Locke played 4 or 5 seasons with the Bulldogs, whom I cover.

Originally Posted by bsmith14 View Post
I think your getting PM's from ppl (which they dont need to be doing) because you made an assinine comment with nothing to back it up. I can say "Andrew Luck will only ever have one good year in the NFL and that was this year" but I should clarify why I think that otherwise I risk ridicule. Gaudreau is tearing up the NCAA and the WJ's while built like a ten year this supposed to be a bad thing? Kid is a late bloomer physically. Is he going to look like a 10 year old his whole life? Better than being small and developing early (like say Rocco Grimaldi).
Andrew Luck is already at the top level there is. NCAA season is what, 34 some odd games? Hard to really compare to the rigors of the NHL like the physicality as well as the travel, etc. All I said was "I hardly expect his game to translate well to the NHL" meaning, I don't think you'll see him dominating the competition like he does against junior players. IMO Grigorenko is the steal of the draft at #12.

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