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01-04-2013, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by OSA View Post
I think if you re-read my initial post about McKeown, you'll see that in no way have I tried to lay the blame of the loss on him. I said the whole team lacked precision and it cost them dearly.

I have said all along that McKeown is a great player and I brought him up specifically because I expected him to dominate that tournament and was quite surprised, given my HIGH expectations for him, that he played so poorly in the Quebec game.

If you saw the game then I'm sure you would agree that McDavid did not have a bad game simply because he did not make the scoresheet.

And give me a break with this "brutal" nonsense. Man, all of this fake outrage is just ridiculous.
I reread your original post and you said Mckeown was terrible, Ontario gave up 2 power play goals and lost 2-1. I think the coach is to blame for the loss for not using all of the players available to their fullest, you think otherwise so we will agree to disagree on this. Cheers.

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