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01-04-2013, 10:36 PM
Rusty Batch
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
It's really quite simple when over half of 30 businesses are not profitable and their #1 expense is employee salaries, the employees are overpaid relative to the revenue they produce.
Owners are the ones that set the market value...

You are assuming incorrectly that the purpose of owning a hockey team is to make money. It is incredibly fun to own a hockey team. Look at the other major hockey league. How many KHL owners are making money? I am confident they are all losing a ton of money on their teams and charge fans next to nothing to go watch the games. They are willing to lose money to own those teams because it is really really fun to own a sports team.

Im always surprised when people want to look at this like its an actual business with the sole pirpose of making money.

Players make the money they do because the owners are more then willing to pay them. If they werent willing to pay them that then they wouldnt. Simple as that.

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