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01-05-2013, 12:02 AM
JP Mick
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OK, here is my late night "I've had a few beers so let me rant about the WJC that I've seen so far" rant.

Number 1. John Gibson is a serious beast. I was was annoyed that he had to reset his hair at every stoppage of play, but who cares. The man can stop pucks. Damn you Anaheim, nice pick.

Number 2. Huberdeau. Not a bad tourney for him but not the best either. I would have liked to see him bloody his nose a bit more in the last game. You want to win? chase some pucks and hit people. I didn't see enough passion from him.

Number 3. Johnny Gaudreau is exactly the type of player that I wish we had drafted and is so fun to watch. I guess I was hoping that would have been Grimaldi. This is a special kid and damn you Calgary for drafting him, kudos to you.

Number 4. Grimaldi, Grimaldi, Grimaldi. What happened to you man? I'm not sure if it was the coaches, or the Russian air or what. But starting the tourney on the first line and getting benched for the quarterfinal game says something. He had a decent game against Canada but if I see him fall down after any shove like I saw so many times, I might get annoyed. Dude, you have a low center of gravity, stop falling to the ice.

Number 5. Vinnie the man Trocheck. The BEST Panther prospect out there. Offence, yep. Defense, yep. Speed, yep. Grit, yep. You know when a guy is on the PP and the PK he is a total player. Everytime he was on the ice I saw number 25 all over the place, and so did the announcers.

Well, thats my beer fueled rant for the next good while, I'm going to go eat some Chinese now.
May the lockout end shortly, the reality and fantasy hockey begin, and all of you HF hosers have a happy new year.

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