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01-04-2013, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
The comical part is if it was a blank green jersey, or had 12 instead of 6 on it, it wouldn't be an issue at all. The only reason it's an issue is because Sanchez is an active player (so favoritism gets called into question), and a lightning rod at that.

Rex is weird, no question about that but where are all the pictures of Giant players ****ing off on vacation? The media's flat out on a witch hunt now and this should never have seen the light of day. Not now. If Rex is flexing in the locker room on his own time, fine but the season's over. There's no reason for the media to be hounding him on vacation except for vindictiveness - and the fact the Jets stupidly ran out on the media after the season, so they got their 'revenge' now.
What do the Giants have to do with this? There have been 2 players, hell 2 people in the entire organization in the past 5 seasons that have brought negative light to the team which in contrast to the Jets negativity, was nothing, and both of those players (Shockey and Jacobs) were shown the door - it is the way the organization and especially head coach operates, very similar to the Devils

The Jets and especially Rex constantly bring negative and just in general, attention to themselves and being in the biggest media market in the world with tabloids on every street corner hasn't helped, it's been a horrible combo - as wrong as what the reporter(s) in the Bahamas is/are doing, Rex has made himself a target and unfortunately it has come to the point where he is being stalked for news stories while on vacation

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