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01-04-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperTheGreat View Post
This one's been listed more than a couple of times over the past few months. Jersey itself is totally legit, you're right. Customization looks pretty good, but whenever I see the listing the silver layer doesn't strike me as right. It looks way to shiny and silvery. It should be glittery, but it looks like the material is almost foil-like and too reflective. Font looks right, curve on the name is too hard to gauge 'cause of the way it's folded up for the pic. $200 isn't really a smokin' deal either. It's fair, but isn't blowing the doors off, and you could do a blank, send it in and you'd be right about at your $200. Your call, of course. And, I agree the whites are nicer. Are you thinking about pulling the trigger?
There was a seller on eBay long ago named Griffenfood that used to make reproductions like the Sakic in that listing. Right when I saw that jersey I thought of Griffenfood. He made a bunch of Nordique reproductions with the 75th Anniversary patches as well. The size tag bothers me the most on the Starter. It should look way more like this.

I'd guess that jersey isn't legit (look at the difference in the mesh as compared to my Forsberg in the tag pic) and I'd say that Sakic is what is known as a "Griffenfood Special."

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