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01-05-2013, 12:42 AM
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There is growing speculation that there might be nobody elected to the HoF this year.

I'm not gonna get into the steroid debate for the 213214124th time, but seriously no one? I count at least 10 guys who defnitiely belong in, maybe more (I know you can only vote for 10).

Even the voters who are trying to do "justice" and keep out the "cheaters" can't bring themselves to vote for the other guys with zero ties to "PEDs?" Really?

Raines, Bagwell, Martinez, Piazza, Biggio, McGriff, Schilling, Trammall, Morris, Smith?

And it's not like I'm saying "Since they won't put in the "PED" guys at least put someone in, anyone. Hey why not Shawn Green!"

All of those guys I listed have a legitimate case to be a HoFer, some more than others obviously, and I have a different opinion on each, but I wouldn't complain if any of them got in.

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