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01-05-2013, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by RockFlagAndEagle View Post
What is the difference between a buffalo wing and a hot wing?

They are just called chicken wings here and there is really only one type.
Well, I'll try and answer for you since I live in Buffalo, and work at a bar where I make chicken wings myself....I also worked at two pizzerias that served wings as well....

No one in the area here uses the term "Buffalo Wing".....I believe that is what places outside the area use for chicken wings made "Buffalo Style" perhaps ? Hot sauce with another ingredient perhaps ?

I sometimes use the term "hot wings"....Here this is basically just your standard wing that is "hot"...By "hot" I mean the wings are shaken in some kind of cayenne sauce....A lot of places use Frank's....We use Frank's and some other generic one as well...Durkee is another one I have seen used as well.....

So if the customer doesn't want "hot wings" it's easy to make they medium or mild.....Just add either liquid butter or margarine or a combination of both to the cayenne sauce to cut down on the heat....

Oh, and btw you cannot make a true "Buffalo Wing" in the oven.....The only way to make a true wing is to deep fry it.....

I also make "special" x-hot wings for certain customers....I keep a stash of my own personal hot sauces in the cooler at work or in my truck.....I sometimes use a combination of hot sauces...Or even mix the hot sauces with BBQ sauce and then char-broil them on the grill after deep frying....It causes the sauce to crystallize...People go nuts over my wings, lol.....

On that note, I'm headed out to get a chicken finger sub with hot sauce and blue cheese along with a side of poutine fries American style....

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