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01-05-2013, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
The Kings stars do not score like our stars do. And I don't think its an outrageous claim to say that their stars are better defensively than our stars.

Again, I am all for them playing the occasional shift on the PK. But there is no reason for them to be getting 2-3 minutes a game like Toews or Kopitar.
Which is what I'd stated earlier in the thread. If you read my previous post in the thread (not the one you quoted), I never suggested 2-3 minutes a game. Just more than the currently do.

The post of mine you quoted was directly in response to the post I quoted that seemed to suggest those arguing for more PK time for Sid and Geno is due to the Flyers doing so with their stars, as if mimicking the Flyers' strategy. I was just pointing out that it's more than just the Flyers who use their stars to PK.

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