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DD, LT, and BB's NHL Auctions Game (PLEASE READ FULL OP)


Welcome to the first ever HFBoards NHL Auctions Game. This is a game where you build your roster from scratch - you quite literally start out with nothing but a name and a fat load of cash. Your task is to build the most competitive team in the league within 5 days, but instead of a boring old fantasy draft or starting out with a team and making moves accordingly, you actually get to bid on players. Sounds confusing? Don't worry, it'll all be explained in detail here:

How this is gonna work is that each day, each Division Commisioner will choose one of the teams in their division, and every player on that team will be put up for auction. The next day, they choose another team, and so on until all 5 teams in each division have been auctioned off. So everyday, there'll be 6 teams' players up for auctions.

The actual auctions are quite simple, really. You see a player on a team you like, you wait for the day his team goes up for auction, and you send a PM to the Division Commissioner including your team name, the player you're bidding for, and the amount you're bidding in the title and the PM both. For those of you that need an example, look no further than here:

Just like that. Any bids that are not formatted like that will be ignored, and whining about this rule could result in possible loss of cap space, and even removal as GM. This will be strictly enforced, so don't try and get around it. It's hard enough for us division commissioners as is, we don't need you to make it any harder by *****ing because you couldn't read the entire OP.

You do not need to include any reasoning in the PM, as it will be ignored. Also, NTCs, term length, and captaincy mean nothing in this game. Money is all that matters.

The bidding will end at 10PM EST everyday, so you have no excuse to not get your bid in, even if you're going to be out for the night or have a hot date. The commissioners will update it at least once an hour, possibly more, with the most frequent updates falling from 8PM to 10PM EST. Within an hour of the deadline closing, the winners of each player will be announced.

If you check and see that you do not have the highest bid but would like to beat it, you must offer at least .25M more than the current highest bid for it to be valid, even on a lower end player. So if, say, the highest bid on Zach Parise is 8M, you have to offer at least 8.25M, or else it will not count. Bids also have to be made in these increments. If you send in a bid for 4.1667M, if will be rounded up, no matter how far away it is. Yes, 4.000000001M will be rounded up to 4.25M.

Please do not post in the Division threads, as they are for checking the highest bids and seeing if you got said players only. If you want to discuss the game or who got who, please use this thread only. This thread is for updates on the game and discussion, while the division threads are for keeping track of bids only. Any posts in the division threads will be ignored.

You are responsible for keeping up your own roster, and only you. Capgeek is more than perfect for this, and it won't take more than half an hour to put up a finished roster. If you don't post a roster, you don't play. Simple as that.

THERE WILL BE NO TRADING. It's confusing enough sorting all of this out, and it'd only complicate things. If you want a player badly enough, you'll pay for him monetarily.

Again, do not complain if you miss out on a player or get beat out by a last minute bid. You're the only one the blame, and there will be discipline if it gets out of hand. It's easier for everyone if you just deal with it and get over it, so please do so. It's just a game meant to be fun.

We're going to hesitantly set the cap at 70.2M, comparable to what the NHL has currently. But depending on how the first couple of days go, that may go up. Don't count on it changing though, build your team as if you have a 70.2M cap.

The game will start at the earliest at the end of dong's current GM game, but will be delayed if we do not have enough GMs by then. A specific date will be announced later on.

If you still have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll gladly explain.

Thanks, and have fun partaking in HFBoards' first ever Auctions Game.

New Added Questions

Your task is to build the most competitive team in the league within 5 days
1. What if we don't have enough auctions won to complete a full roster in five days? Is this going to be the standard 12 F, 6 D, 2 G roster format? Will there be a poll to determine who has the best team?

The game will start at the earliest at the end of dong's current GM game, but will be delayed if we do not have enough GMs by then.
2. Which game is dong's current GM game? I'm looking to get an estimate of when this game might start. How many GMs do you need to start the game?

The bidding will end at 10PM EST everyday
3. After the bidding ends, when can we start the bidding for the next teams?

The next day, they choose another team, and so on until all 5 teams in each division have been auctioned off.
4. Will the players of the five teams from the previous day still be up for auction?

These are all very good questions.

1. If, for some reason, that were to happen, you'll probably just be defaulted the players we feel are BPAs. However, I can't imagine not filling out a full roster, and if anything, we'll have a 23 man format (13 F, 7 D, 3 G). That shouldn't be a problem, if it is though, we'll decide what to do as each situation will likely be unique.

2. Dong's game is the one with his name in the title. We're prolly still gonna overlap a bit, looking to start on Monday at the earliest but Friday at the latest. Still deciding, but somewhere between 20-30 GMs.

3. 8 AM EST, forgot that in the OP.

4. We might do a "Buy It Now" kind of thing, as they'll likely be lower-end players. Put a price tag on each player, and whoever wants him can just "buy" said player. First come first serve.

Originally Posted by Ace Dreamer
I have a question for your auction game:

If you want to make a bid for more than one player on the same team, for example, if Chicago's players are up for auction and I want to bid on both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, can I send my bids in the same PM, or do I have to send them in separate PMs?
Good Question.

We're only checking the titles of the PMs, most likely. *If you can fit it all in title, that's perfectly fine. *If you can't, do them seperately just to make sure, I know I'm not opening any PMs.

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