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01-05-2013, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
I think his point is it's a bit silly that Noesen's OHL suspension carries over into IIHF events, but Reinhart's suspension does not. If that's not his point it's on I will make.

If Reinhart is suspended in the IIHF he shouldn't be allowed to use 4 WHL games to make up his suspension. Conversely, it's pretty ridiculous that Stefan Noesen's 10 OHL game suspension counts as 10 IIHF games.
Bingo. You have hit my point exactly. Why count some of the suspension and not others. It is inconsistent for me, if they want to make seperate rulings for their own IIHF punishments then fine do so. That was my point when they suspended Noesen. If they decide he gets 4 games by IIHF rules, he probably doesn't go anyway but they decided to hide behind the CHL/OHL there and it bothered me at the time and this has provided even more ammo for disliking that ruling.

The IIHF is free to have their own process, but they cannot involve other processes and not allow this player to decide to serve the suspension in a similar manner. It sucks for Reinhart, but it is even worse for Noesen who will never have the chance to even play in a WJC. Reinhart is just now in the difficult place of having to sit really one game assuming they do the same pre-tournament buildup. I just don't agree with the inconsistency.

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