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01-05-2013, 02:58 AM
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Word is there's worry backstage about how CPrice is gaining a lot of weight so quickly for his movie role next month. He's billed at 6'3" (after HFWF started exaggerating heights) and 240 pounds, and he's expected to be 250-260 by mid-February. Word is, he's already gained 5 pounds and is continuing to bulk up. He's using the time not appearing at house shows to workout in his home gym.

There's also talk of overhauling his character back to a similar character before the switch to close 2012. They're using his real life injuries as a vehicle to make those changes quickly. He's already gone back to a buzzcut and stubble look, and his finisher will likely go back to a Stunner as he gains more mass.

No one is actually speaking up about how CPrice is gaining the weight so quickly and history has proven that HFWF's wellness policy testing is more relaxed compared to WWE's.

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