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01-05-2013, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
The difference is zero dollars. The revenue cut is set. 50%. $0 over 10 years. Divide by 30 is $0. The cap they are fighting over is for 1 season. Not ten. And still, $0 dollars difference.

They are in fact fighting over the ability of a team to have the right to spend an extra $5m, next season only, to help transition. Not an obligation to spend, and remember, if that extra cap takes too much from revenue, the players return anything over 50%. Hence, a $0 difference. The players want to stay in the city they signed in. Keep a team somewhat in tact. Big teams want to keep their well designed team together. Small markets want an unmolested crack at some top talent.

We are close, this wont stop a season. Unfollow that clown.
You are very right here. Especially on the bolded part. This I heard from an NHL guy a week ago that was quite irritated over this situation.

Unfollow? Hey - I follow all the freaks. Even Eklund. Provides comedy. How many official "twitterers" have not been off throughout this process? It is kind of amusing nonetheless.

Drop the puck...

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