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01-05-2013, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by gelu88 View Post
Pretty decent chance that we'll get at least a couple of Academy signings to round out the roster.

We need a third goalie, which will most likely be Max Crepeau (he also fills the Canadian quota). And I've been hearing real good things about Wandrille Lefevre, who will add depth to the midfield.

How likely is it that Nesta/Ferarri/Rivas would accept a 2 spot rotation? It's probably the best solution for managing them but most people are skeptical that their ego would let them accept that. We'd need a very strong coach to make it happen.

The biggest question I have formation-wise is what they will plan for Camara. He's a natural DM and did quite well when put in that position. In a healthy roster I him more as a regular sub than a starter.

It's a pretty credible lineup. Should get us to the middle of the table at least, though I can't see us getting a lock on a playoff spot unless a number of guys seriously beat expectations:
Camara is definitely on my starting lineup. Can't find 9 better players than him with the guys we have signed right now. Would rather have him at DM with Bernier and have Warner sub-in.

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