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01-05-2013, 04:33 AM
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Reinhart ban clarified

Marouelli explained the procedure at a disciplinary review and hearing: “We get the referee’s report and referee supervisor’s report. We get the medical report and DVD footage. We watch the video as many times as necessary – at full speed and slowed-down – and the player gets an opportunity to comment on and explain his actions as well. Jeff and I run through the clip again and explain what our concerns might be, and then we open it up to discussion, and [the player and his representative] can present anything they need.”

What were the specific factors that led to the Reinhart suspension? Screening a video clip of the incident, Marouelli said: “You’re going to see the Canadian player and the U.S. player become entangled in the corner. Prior to that, the Canadian player has possession of the puck. Once he becomes entangled with the U.S. player, he chooses not to play the puck anymore and falls to his knees. He’s lost the puck and he’s making eye contact with his opponent. He makes a bad choice. He strikes his opponent in a two-handed fashion with his stick.”

Marouelli clarified: “He sees his opponent. He knows where his opponent is. There’s no contact made with the stick of his opponent that would cause it to come up into his face. In our opinion, he deliberately struck the U.S. player in the side of the head with his stick.”

This is why the Disciplinary Panel described the action as “very careless, dangerous and avoidable” and levied a four-game suspension.

Marouelli also noted that this was not the most severe suspension in IIHF tournament history, as some media outlets had claimed.

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