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01-05-2013, 04:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Yes, you did ignorantly bash DD, especially when you tried to compare him to some useless player like Derek Armstrong.

I like how you keep acting like you have been mischaracterized. You were the one who blithely stated that no serious contending team would want Desharnais on their second line at center. You have not offered any reasons for this, no statistics, nothing that you have seen wrong in Desharnais' game, nothing remotely relevant to a hockey discussion. All you do is say he is not good enough for a contending team and then complain when people defend Desharnais from your ignorant commentary.

Why is Desharnais not good enough to be the 2nd line center on a contending team? What is wrong with his game, with his point production at every single level he has played? What statistics support your claim that he is not a good second line center on a contending team? What do you have to offer to a hockey discussion about this particular player?

The answer is "nothing". By the way, nobody has said that Desharnais IS as good as Richards or St. Louis. However, it has been stated that he has the potential to reach those players' type of heights (pun intended). What can you offer to refute that claim?

Wait for it...

Oh, right...


Unless saying "it's a rarity to see a player like St. Louis" is the only claim you can make.

I have a better one for you:

Go and look at Richards' 1st season (79 games, 34 points), St. Louis' 1st season (78 games, 40 points), Giroux' 1st season (82 games, 47 points) and compare them to Desharnais' first full season in the NHL (81 games, 60 points). The funny thing is that you fail to realize that Desharnais did this on what was a weak team going through immense struggles and management transitions, severe injuries, and reduced to a single effective offensive line that was targeted by other teams' best shutdown lines!

Am I saying that Desharnais is better than Richards, St. Louis, or Giroux? Of course not. Am I saying that he has shown that he has played comparably in his first full season as they all did? Yup. Will he be as good as any of those three? I have no clue. The possibility of it, though, makes it worth keeping him unless a trade offer of significant value arises.

Would he be a valued member of a playoff contending team's top 6? We will see next season...
The part about D. Armstrong you didnt understand. The thought behind it and what I said about it. Nothing, nothing at all. You have probably never seen him play, not that you have missed anything though.

I have nothing against Desharnais. I think he's a journeyman who was in the right circumstances last season. Not a real special player. Small, no exceptional defensive game, not enough goal scoring ability. Less ice-time will decrease his numbers as well. Yes, no playoff team with serious intentions would prefer him on the 2nd line.

You say anything to make a point. You come up with the fact he has scored on every level of hockey, yeah like we havent seen that before with others. This is the NHL. You even have the nerve to say St.Louis if we talk about David Desharnais, just because they are both small. Than I dont say that you think he's just as good...

Why do you even come up with names like St.Louis, Giroux ?
Its painfully obvious I'm talking with a homer. You are not interested in what I think about him, I have hurt your feelings. That's the problem.

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