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01-05-2013, 05:13 AM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
This is hilarious, you tell us to move on, when you're the one who brought it up and wouldn't let it go.

"I thought the TT/Kunitz trade was stupid and I still think it is"

It's a game, we're having fun. Take your own advice and get over it.
ONE comment here
ONE comment in chatzy

but hey, you were laughaing hard, moron this, ****** that, dumbass, etc...

so yeah, the cap thingie became obvious. You wanted drama, I gave it to ya.

Now lemme guess, the 3rd one is (ben) about to come here and comment too ?

cause you know, we were replying to each others, DD moved on so much, he NEEDED to add, right ?

I told ya, you want to keep this going, FINE.

You started the drama, you end it.

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