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01-05-2013, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeff077 View Post
They were aware after the Metro/Valley had already committed to it and yes they were offered the opportunity to join in at the December RSL meeting that Ron attended but the cost was higher and what was the benefit of switching mid season?
Why was the deal negotiated from Metro/Valley only and the RSL not included in or informed of these negotiations?
Why have 2 seperate websites 2/3 thew way through the season that really makes the league look like two separate leagues?
Mr. Shorey is not involved becasue he is the RSL President so why would Metro/Valley work with him when they want no part of him?

The question is not about the Pointstreak website which I have agreed is better. The point is why do it now with 1/2 the treams and not as an entire league?
From past experience in JrA with pointstreak the cost is set and is set in stone no matter whether or not you have 50 or 5 teams. So that being said it falls to what I beleive would be a vote in the RSL conference and by the looks of it we know how that panned out

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