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01-05-2013, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by 67sfan View Post
I won't lie, I'm happy we lost and was actually somewhat rooting for Russia this game.

Maybe now HC will open their eyes a bit and realize how they are conducting business lately is wrong. The way this team is picked lately is flawed. The Americans used to not have a selection camp at all and just named their team for this tourney. During this time they were a 2nd or 3rd tier program. They realized something was wrong, added as election camp where you played your way onto the team. What has that accomplished? They are now an elite team consistently at this tourney.

Canada used to have players play their way on, but these days camp seems like more of a formality and to fill 1 or 2 spots on the roster. Where is this getting us? We went from gold, to silver, to bronze, to fourth. Get rid of the politics and the primary Donna attitudes and make it so your spot on this team is earned.

I don't mind losing, in fact I think it's good for the tournament that we lose. What I can't accept is losing because we play like w don't give a **** ala the semi's this year. I he early 2000's we weren't winning but ******* if those kids didn't bring their heart and souls and give 110%. Those were some if the best tourneys to watch and they went home with bronze/silver with their heads held high.

I think Hockey Canada should make the U18s a priority personally.

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