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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Streit was never put in a position to succeed defensively, while MAB was already known as a terrible D defensively. Then, when Streit was put in that position, he showed that he wasn't incredible defensively but could hold his own. Remains to be seen how Murphy will be able to do that in due time. But in the first round, my point is that I go for players who will be doing more than just being a specialist. I believe you can find those people later in the draft. I guess he deserved a 1st round pick, but not as soon as they picked him. Just like the Thomas Hickey pick who was more awful based on how very fast he was picked.
I agree picking him that high may not be the best idea but around the 20th overall spot I wouldn't have any problem picking a guy like Murphy. Odds are at that point that you'll get a decent player but not a great one anyways. Then again, in 08 Ottawa doesn't pick Karlsson and Anaheim doesn't pick Gardiner because they're small offensive players and possibly future defensive liabilities.

Agreed on Hickey but then again, I don't think Murphy and Hickey are in the same category of players.

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I think you are confusing hockey pools with the actual game......the one that is played on the ice.

Bergeron has played on 6 teams in the last 5 years and has been demoted to respective minor league affiliates twice during that span. Every GM in the NHL would take Emelin over Bergeron in a heartbeat and that is a least a far more viable stat than your a magical formula that somehow equates Bergeron's awful play into 3-4 wins per season.......

Lastly........ Bergeron has NEVER scored 40 points in a season.
He actually did once, anyways the point wasn't the 40 points per say. It's the general idea that PPs seem to work when MAB is around your team.

No, I don't think I confuse pools with the actual game. There's a host of different situations in a hockey game that happen. The game isn't always played in defensive situations. Sometimes, you get PPs too. I'll give you that Murphy and MAB make horrendus plays at time but the worst part of all is they simply look bad. They don't cost that much to your team especially when they are used in a situation to succeed. In all the tournament, Murphy had that one bad play against Slovakia that cost his team a goal up until the Nichushkin goal. Then again, that's when I mean he shouldn't be on the ice.

Murphy bobbled the puck, lost it on his own, fell on his own and what have you. In the end, rarely did it lead to a terrific scoring chance for the other team. That said, everyone makes mistakes. Harrington and Ouellet, who were Canada's best D also made mistakes. Murphy might make more mistakes but he more than makes up for it with his offense. In the end, the goal is to score more goals than the other team. Murphy helps you doing that IMO.

On the Emelin vs Bergeron part, I agree with you most GMs would go Emelin. I wouldn't and I think it's ridiculous on their part but hey, that's the way they manage their team.

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