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01-05-2013, 07:06 AM
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Watching USA-Sweden now.

EJ Hradek needs a bit more energy. This is the gold medal game, is he still asleep?

I don't know what Mears and Hradek are talking about. USA doesn't seem that nervous to me. It's there, but USA right now is playing the right way. Other than Trouba selling it.

Are there any Swedes on here? I need to know if I should engage troll mode or not.

Well, anyway, USA shorthanded? You know another time the other side had more guys?

Bro, stop the clock. Bro. Bro. Stop the...bro.

Rocco Grimaldi scores with an assist from divine intervention.

Did Grimaldi say that he's favored? I assume he's always talking about god, and I know atheism is pretty popular in Sweden, but saying god likes you just a little bit more is pretty dickish.

Now Grimaldi's getting a penalty. Good thing the attendant probably doesn't speak English. He probably doesn't want to hear the good news.

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