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01-05-2013, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
If the salary cap is going to be $60 million then it's entirely likely that Higgins and Lapierre won't require a raise. In my opinion they've earned one, but wit the sudden cap drop these are the guys that are going to be hurt the most. Every other good team is going to be struggling with their own cap problems and wouldn't be able to afford to poach them with a raise, and the teams that have cap room have no incentive to spend but if/when they do it's going to be a huge buyers market. Maybe a team will look Higgins or Lapierre's way, but that's a gamble and could end up with them having to accept a minimum wage contract to stay in the NHL or end up in Europe, as has happened to other players in the past who at the end of summer were left without a contract and no one had ca space to sign them. So there best bet will likely be to resign with us at around the same value, on a short term deal so they can try free agency again when the caps gone up.

I still think Edler is going to cost us $6M though.

Good points. Yes, the incentive would be there for them to take the same contract on a short term deal. Leaving the 4m~ over to the raises of Burrows and Edler. Hopefully, Edler takes that deal and stays here. That's the hope anyways.

If Edler does, then this team loses essentially Malhotra, Alberts, Raymond, Ballard and Luongo. Then, they replace those pieces with two depth forwards, 1 depth dman, Connauten and Lack... Not a good downgrade at all. Luongo being the one that would hurt the most, but he would be leaving regardless. It's the same top end to the team though, so they would still be good overall IMO.

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