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01-05-2013, 07:56 AM
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For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to beat the original, NES, Ninja Gaiden 1. I've only been savestating at the beginning of acts as I progress, and I think I have done act 6 at least a hundred times by now, because when you die against any of the final bosses, you get bumped all the way back to stage 6-****ing-1. Worse, if you actually managed to take down one or two of the bosses, when you get back to the remaining boss, you do not get the health refill that you would get were you facing the very first of the three bosses. The only advantage is you get to keep your scrolls and ninja arts for the first remaining boss.

I have literally been trying for hours to get this game done once and for all. I finally managed to pin down how to defeat boss 1 perfectly. I managed to develop a technique to take out the second boss with full health and no arts, and I also think I have a good strategy for the third and final boss.

And after killing the first boss and dying to the second boss and working my way, agonizingly back through act 6, after a couple of hours I managed to get to boss 2 with most of my health, 70 scrolls and the double fire wheel art. I just barely took him out with 1 hit point remaining.

I had the final boss down to 3 hp when I died against him.

So far I have done as well as to get to the final boss again with *NINETY SEVEN* scrolls and the double fire wheel, and about 75% of my life, but I died again. I had savestated just before the battle because if I died, I wanted to grind the ****er and perfect my technique against him.

Died 50 times in a row before I finally took the god damned piece of **** down with my last scroll.

Died 50 times....while abusing save states.

Tecmo should issue an international apology for the final boss mechanics of this game. This is literally the most rediculous boss I have ever fought in any game, ever.

In fact, Ninja Gaiden 1 is the *ONLY* game I actually owned for the NES that I *NEVER* beat with multiple repeated attempts. I had a couple other games I did not beat, but I only tried once or twice.

I seriously feel like spiking my controller into the ground.

And now I've aggravated my flu. I need to take some more tylenol and go back to bed. God damn it hurts when I cough right now after screaming "ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME?!" at my monitor repetedly over the last several hours.

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