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01-05-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by CroHabitant View Post
Interesting, but when you look back 10-12 years Germans have had more NHL-ers than Swiss. Swiss only had goalie duo (Aebisher - Gerber) and Streit, while Germans had and still have, Seidenberg, Erhoff, Sturm, Goc, Greiss, Hecht, Krupp (played till 2002.).
But that is just it. Since then, as I understand, there have been som major changes in Swiss hockey, and the quality of their homegrown players has improved quite a lot, not just in terms of high end talent like Niederreiter or Bärtschi, but more importantly when it comes to depth. The overall quality seems to have gotten so much better, and with the more recent changes and investments in hockey this trend is likely to continue.

I believe the Swiss are only now starting to reap the rewards of their work and the gap will only get bigger especially at junior level unless the German hockey federation does something to improve the situation here.

So far we can count ourselves lucky that there are still a lot of dedicated people working for little to no money at the very small local clubs in the few areas of Germany where hockey is actually popular. Because they get these kids started and teach them the basics. Furthermore the improvements we have seen in recent years can also be attributed to the few DEL teams that can actually afford to put money in their youth programs and again the dedicated work done in such traditional hockey towns like Landshut, Bad Tölz, Füssen or Kaufbeuren, who do not have teams at DEL level, but constantly produce young players for DEL team, the national team and even NHL prospects.

Now that I just typed all that I realise that it is mostly off topic, but since I don't want that time I put into it, to be a total waste I'm gonna post it anyway. Sorry about that.

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