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01-05-2013, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
2,324 games so far lost under Bettmen,more coming

More than all other leauges combined..

you go Gary,cancel the season ,add to the disgrace total.....a canceled season means,2stanley cups never presented,and over 10% of leauge games never played.....all on your watch.go.Gary go

A canceled season should bring a new hockey leauge...
Just once I would like to see someone who posts that a new league will start up to replace the NHL (especially a player owned league) include even the start of a viable business model.

100's of millions would need to be invested before the first puck is dropped. Who will invest and why? Where will they play? Hockey is already a 4th or 5th sport in the USA so who will watch? Who will sponser it? How will they counter the backlash from a lot of very rich and powerful men with tentacles through most media corporations?

The days of the WHA are long gone. At that time there were a lot of untapped markets, players were just starting to come over from Europe, so there was untapped talent, and players were grossly under paid. None of that applies any more.

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