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01-05-2013, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
Even a league with absolute central control, and a tiny salary cap (MLS) understands the inherent value in making money through the success of their large markets. They understand that "parity" is not the best route to success and growth.

It helps, but the fact remains that success in places like New York, LA or Chicago is simply more important to the league than success in Columbus, Salt Lake or San Jose.
I agree. And Bettman has a conflict of interest as he's the one who brought in some of these struggling franchises.

He's so proud of no teams moving. Why? The NFL and NBA (Two more successful leagues) seem to have no issue with it.

It's a very flawed economic theory he has going. There are teams that won't make money no matter what deal is signed. Meanwhile, the teams giving money to the poor ones aren't making any with no season.

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