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01-05-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Kessly Snipes View Post
I gre up listening and loving Cherry, yet I can see clear as day this guy is a xenophobic A-hat.

I am going to assume he is either in his golden year and doesn't know any better, or is a young child, taking Cherrys latest rant as gospel, unable to form his own opinion. If neither of those, we'll then that's just sad
Same here. The guy is a moron.

This is a terrible idea. Why would you want to water down the competition in the best junior league in the world? How would that help Canadian players at all? Isn't it better that these 2 positions available on each team are taken by players who can make an impact in the league, rather than riding the pine like the kids who are cut would be doing?

And isn't the fact that so many non-Canadian kids are coming over to play in this league a compliment to the CHL and how highly thought of it is around the world? Don Cherry has to get out of WW2 and into reality. Nobody cares about differences from 70 years ago, Don. The world has moved on and maybe it will be a better place without you.

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