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01-05-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Oyabun View Post
Did you even bother to read the post I quoted. If you point should be very clear

Hockey players US 511,178

Hockey players Sweden 69,921

So the idea that the man on the street couldn't give a crap and therefore it is embarrasing for the world is hogwash.

The US is training an army of hockey players and should be a dominant force going by this. Of course you could argue that you're 2nd best in the world but you'd be wrong. Lord knows that you wouldn't be the first to argue that ones own country is THE best or 2nd best.
I'm not saying they are the second best just that the argument could be made; I think USA, Russia, and Sweden are all kind of on the same level at this point. I just disagreed with you saying that we should be a "dominant force" because we have the second largest number of players. Shouldn't we just be the second best then?

I should point out that I think Sweden is an incredibly impressive hockey nation considering their numbers. I love the way they play the game.

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