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01-05-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
ah. bringing in the "real fan" argument.
I purchase esks gear, follow the whole league, have only missed a couple of home games in the last 15 years and have been to several grey cups.

I think I'm a "real" fan.

I don't say I really want him here, but I would take burris 100 times out of 100 over the crap we had last year. and I know I'm not alone amonst "real" fans. so maybe it's only your opinion.
just throwing something out there. maybe burris left because he felt he was still a #1 guy, and the stamps wanted him as a backup? Can't blame a guy who thinks he can still be a #1 not wanting to be demoted. and considering he went to Hamilton, played as the #1 guy and had a good year, perhaps Burris was correct.

pretty sad state of eskimo affairs when the debate in 2013 is who would you rather have as a QB, Glenn or burris.
The 'real fan' line wasn't intended to be an argument- something you might have picked up if you had read the first 2 words of the next sentence. Kinda like I do with Dan Tencer, I will take any opportunity I can to express my disdain for Henry Burris.

Whether I like him or not, Burris would have been a far better option than Jyles/Joseph turned out to be for the Eskimos last season. For the upcoming season however, I would prefer that they go with the young starter/veteran back-up combination. Unless he undergoes a personality transplant, Burris does not fit into that equation.

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